What 2theT can do for you...

2theT creates electronic solutions to every-day business problems.

We enjoy adding value by giving our customers control.
Easy access to information, Dashboards and Buttons empower our partners in ways they have never had before. We do things that are difficult to do and are laborious and make them easy and automated.

Our Services Include:

  • Customer invoicing and statement
  • Payments
  • Pay-slips
  • Maintenance Records
  • Sales Reports
  • Management Accounts
  • Procedure Documents
  • Stock Control and Ordering
  • Staff Files and Customer Profiles

Areas we play in

  • Point of Sale
  • Project Management
  • Project Cost Control
  • Staff Micro Management Tools
  • Maintenance and Cleaning Procedures
  • Sales Reporting
  • Caregiving
  • Restaurant Operations
    • - HACCP records and procedures
    • -Stock Control and Ordering
    • -Staff Records
    • -Shift Planning
    • -Cashups and Banking Reconciliation
    • -Payslips, Contracts, Loans etc.
    • -Maintenance Records and Equipment Performance tracking
    • -Sales Reporting


  • Statutory Requirements
  • Reporting
    • - Automated Trends on Sub-categorised Deductibles
    • - Automated Trends on Business Model issues
    • - Tailor made Trend Analysis and Forecasting
    • - Automated live Budget Variance Analysis
    • - Automated and live Project Statuses (work flow analysis)
  • Asset Management
    • - Maintenance Records
    • - Performance Tracking
  • Document Cloud
  • Budgeting - Real Time inputs from banking information populates automatically against budget line items proving live budget variance analysis